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I spent a large portion of the summer working on some products for The new e-Toolkit, may be of interest to staff educators. It covers many of the mandates from Medicare regarding DO NOT PAY lists and reimbursement issues. While these may not directly affect home health, they do indirectly as a continuum of care. This can be especially true of patients with deubs. Where did they develop? Accurate documentation and communication is essential to reimbursement and will affect your staff. How useful is the Transfer OASIS to the hospital staff? And why should you follow through on faxing it to them? 

The toolkit is designed so that it can be presented in modules and therefore those modules that aren't as relevant can be skipped over or just the highlights pointed out. Check it out. There are also some great e-booklets that may also be of use to your nurses. The links can be found on TheNursingSIteBlog

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