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New Edition: Home Health Aide Instructor Manual


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I was privileged to receive a review copy of the Home Health Aide: Guidelines for Care, Instructor Manual Third Edition, ©2020. I can’t say enough about this manual, I love every aspect of it! The manual is comprehensive and lives up to high standards typically associated with Tina Marrelli. Tina is often referred to as the guru of home health and hospice care. This manual should help you provide the best practice evidence for on-boarding, orientation, ongoing education and evaluations of your home health aides. It offers great suggestions for job descriptions, competencies, compliance, care planning, communication and expectations for safe, effective, quality patient care and outcomes.

As the population ages, the needs in home health care and hospice will continue to expand exponentially. The aides are the “eyes and ears of the team” and need to have the best quality preparation for their role. This manual has been edited and updated to meet the growing needs of patients as well as the healthcare team. The manual is equally as beneficial to vocational schools and community colleges who provide programs to educate and certify nursing assistants and home health or hospice aides.

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