Purchase and Download from ETSY

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The long awaited Home Health Planner for HomeHealth101.com is now available. This is a DIGITAL download, meaning you will receive the master pages in a .pdf file and you can print out the number of copies of each page that you will need. You will NOT receive a physical hard copy.

Purchase is handled by ETSY where you can also see thumbnails of all the pages included.

After you pay, you will be provided a link to download your planner pages.
Adobe Reader to open the file and print.

TIPS and Instructions:

  • I strongly recommend you put them into a binder that you guard as safely as any other documents!

  • Do NOT use any identifying patient information such as full names. USE INITIALS.

  • Please shred pages after you have finished using them, or store in a locked file at home until you have no further use. Then Shred them!

If you have specific requests or suggestions for additional pages or need any CUSTOMIZED planners, please email me for a price quote.

The cost for each planner is $10.

The planner is copyrighted, meaning it's not something for you to copy as your own and sell or copy and give away! Thank you!

If you encounter issues with downloading the files, please email me right away!

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