November 2021

Home Health Nursing Bag Review


I was gifted this great 21st Century Plus Nursing Bag for providing some information and feedback about PPE supplies. I have to say it's one of the very best bags I have ever had. I have used a Hopkin's bag before, but this one is the best! It offers lots of room for supplies, laptop or tablet, sharps and general nursing supplies.

The material is easy to clean and sanitize and the workmanship is fantastic. It will last a long time. My husband borrowed it initially and it easily housed his laptop, tablet and a smaller projector along with his pens and papers. He's going to opt for their rolling style when he eventually returns full time to the field of engineering sales.

A feature I really love is that on both sides there are drop down sections for laying out your laptop or tablet on one side and general nursing supplies on the other. This adds another layer of protection on top of your barrier chug or paper. It also has a sturdy padded shoulder strap.

Hopkin's medical Products have a large variety of great bags in assorted colors from small to extra large. They offer backpacks, sling packs and rolling options for transporting equipment from home to home. Check out the videos which will demonstrate the major options for each bag.

With the holidays rapidly approaching you might want to add a Hopkin's bag to your Wish List.

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