Homebound Statements

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These statements are generic and can be used if nothing more specific fits the issue. In later pages we will discuss more condition/diagnosis specific homebound status issue. Remember that your OASIS data and other documentation will all serve to work together to support the homebound status. Make sure everything is CONSISTENT!

* Patient is bedbound
* Patient transfers via mechanical lift device to chair (wheelchair, reclining chair, commode etc.)
* Patient transfers with assist of two to chair
* Patient transfers with mod/max assist of one to chair
* Patient transfers with stand-by assist of one to chair
* Patient is chair-bound and requires assist (of 1 or 2 persons) to pivot from bed to chair
* Patient requires (Min to Max) assist with (Most to All) ADLs/IADLs
* Patient is unable to ambulate further than 20 feet without frequent rest periods due to (poor endurance, pain, SOB etc.)
* Patient requires assistive device for ambulation at all times (FWW, Quad cane, crutches)
* Patient requires assist of one at all times to ambulate
* Patient requires stand-by assist of one at all times to ambulate
* Unsteady gait, poor ambulation with history of frequent falls (2 falls in last month)
* Has significant to severe weakness following hospital stay
* Impaired mobility due to (recent fracture, surgery, arthritis, paralysis, paresis)

Any of the above statements will be further supported by clinical findings and diagnosis specific restrictions or complications. Be specific. If the patient is, for example, bedbound due to a progressing disease process of MS, ALS, any terminal illness status etc., include this in your documentation.

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